Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day.

A greeting or gift, usually a card or message sent to a person, one loves or is attracted, as a token of love on Valentine's Day.
All know about this popular day yet very few knew it had a long history.

It began over 2,700 years ago as celebration to Lupercus, the Roman god who watched over sheep and shepherds.
But as the years passed, it became a holiday for Juno, queen of Roman gods for marriage and love.

By the year 496, the Christian church had become powerful.
Pope Gelasius head of the church, didn't believe in the old Roman gods.
He decided to make Juno's holiday into a church holiday.
He looked around for a saint to honor and found one named Valentine.
Valentine died on February 14, 269. Juno's holiday was on February 15.
Pope changed it to Saint Valentine's Day.

Because Valentine's Day was now a church holiday, it spread too.
Pope Gelasius had planned Valentine's Day as a religious holiday. But in most countries it didn't work out that way.
People enjoyed the old holiday of love too much to change it.

Wish you all a happy Valentine's Day in advance.


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