Monday, February 9, 2009

Too Much Pizza Not Good For Health

John Schnatter, founder of one of the America's largest pizza chain "Papa John's" said too much
pizza is not good for health. There are more than 3000 restaurants worldwide for Papa John's.
During an interview on BBC's - Radio Four program in the United Kingdom, John Schnatter,
said, "you can't eat five or six slices."
He further added, pizzas are actually healthy if you limit themselves to only one or two slices,
"You can't eat five or six slices but if you eat one or two slices it's very nutritious".
I know lot of us have extreme craving for pizzas, we just don't count slices until we are filled to our capacity.
I think we should respect this surprising and unusual advice from the founder and take this in to account
next time for the sake of our own health and loved ones.


  1. thanks for the info...
    by the way, what makes pizza unhealthy if we eat 2 or more slices?

  2. i could go for a healthy portion right about now! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  3. this post is so timely...
    i just had a pizza last night...
    and i had one slice not by choice but no choice...
    that was all left for me...
    so i guess i should be thankful for that...
    although another slice would've been great...
    by the way... can we xlink? if its fine just leave me a message..

  4. All things in moderation is best.

    Thanks for dropping by my place.

  5. I also was not as healthful pizza
    bacon ball players in general is prohibited consume pizza ...
    means it is not healthful pizza .....

  6. hmm this posts really is a good reminder for me.. hehe.. We will have pizza over the weekend and good that you reminded us.. lol..

  7. ouh
    but I love it so bad

    just tell me once u want to xlink

  8. The picture is excellent. I'll keep this in mind but don't know for how long :-)

  9. Not good for health but it so delicious to eat. :D

  10. i love pizza and i can only eat 2 slices..

  11. wow! good thing, i can only eat a slice :)

  12. What,is it true? because this is one of my favourite food

  13. yummy.. nyamnyam..
    mau pizza juga.. :D

  14. I know pizza is not good for health but why I like it? He..he.. I don't know too.

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  15. This is really true... when you are eating pizza you dont count the slices until you are full, but then, right after you feel heavy and not to good... so, little the better! :)

  16. pizza.. i love pizza and do eat a lot... but, eating pizza once in a while is ok...

  17. uuuuzzzzzzzz........
    i love that pizza!!!
    could you bring one here...=)
    even if it's not good for my health,i would still try it...nice blog huh?!