Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Intelligence - How do we define it ?

Intelligence, one of the mostly debated term through the ages.
Is it okay to consider intelligence as the general ability to learn, remember, recall and solve problems?
Intelligence Quotient (IQ), tests were originally devised specifically to predict educational achievement.
The score is compared with the person's real age in years to give the IQ.
Whether it can be measured by any single test?
Is it very vital for success in the real world?
There is no certain definition that is agreed by all.
I think one should be smart and wise to become success in the real world, rather than getting declared
as an Intelligent guy based on educational achievement.
What do you guys think about it?


  1. agree with u, success in the real world combine from multiple intelligent, educational success is only one thing that will support another..remember Bill Gate? he ever once drop out from the school..but now..it seems everyone know him..

    been here today..care for exlink?

  2. In this future... :D ability to think and act in the capacity is important today... :D

    cause this needed for the development in technology or future

  3. Education is very important and also the smartness to react in tough situations.

  4. i think even some one have a high IQ but never learn to do something...they wouldn't be "smart" as Einstein..

  5. my IQ isn't good enough but i know which one is good or bad.

  6. mostly smart people will work for stupid people.

    Why? coz the difficult job/task can only be done by smart people. So they just cant be the real boss easily. haha. the old saying.

  7. I agree wholeheartedly with you, you know. :D

  8. I agree with you.
    IQ, without SQ and EQ, is nothing.

    success 4 you!

  9. Good Information.

    IQ without SQ and EQ is nothing

  10. ..knowledge is not only learned in school sometimes you have to learn by experience :)

  11. nice ! keep your sharing friend... :)

  12. GREAT! i agree with you, many thing out there can influence our glory. GREAT posting!