Sunday, February 15, 2009

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

We watched the movie "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" this weekend.
I liked the first part and I felt that this second part is even better.
The penguins, next to Julian were the only characters that made the first part interesting.
In this release their roles are increased and as usual they made this movie more interesting.
Alex, the lion our hero, reunites with his family and proves his skill to lead the pride.
The family reunites using same old decision making using "Mark" between
brothers or father and son :-).
I liked the movie very much and would recommend this movie to anyone irrespective of what age they are.
If you've not seen the previous part, I suggest you to start with the original movie Madagascar.


  1. Alex - The Lion! and Marty for the win!
    Yeah, the original Madagascar is my all time favourite animation film. But dint get a chance to catch this second part. My fav characters are the Marty, the zebra and the Penguins. :)

    Hoping to watch the 2nd part within this month.

  2. i haven't watched it, but it seems great

  3. I have seen the first one and the trailer of the latest, and hope to watch it!

  4. Oh! My two year old son is addicted to this movie and is watching this everyday again and again.

  5. Beatiful country. Many people from Indonesia in madagaskar.

  6. love this movie alot! salam merdeka!

  7. Saw this movie. I agree with you. It is very interesting and nice entertainment one.

  8. i like this flim because funny

  9. hi...visiting you back..
    Me n family like this the movie "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa"
    thans for share..

  10. this movie is really really good..
    and i agree w/u that the second part is the best!!
    i love your blog..=)

  11. a good movie to watch with the whole family

  12. This movie really fun and good for watching,
    many lessons that can be taken from this movie !

    Nice post :D I love madagascar !

  13. Yeah I watched this moved. Very interesting one.

  14. hmmm...I like this movie...
    btw,,thankz for visited my blog
    nice to know you...

  15. I am your great friend, I am always visiting your Blog. Hugs

  16. dropping by here. You have a nice blog