Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A 9-Year-Old Bride: Dying Wish Comes True

A 9-year-old Jayla Cooper got married to 7-year-old Jose Griggs on Sunday, February 22, 2009 in Texas, United States.
Both Jayla Cooper and Jose Griggs are cancer or leaukemia patients. Jayla has battled this health problem for the past two years.
Jayla is expected to succumb to the disease in the next few weeks and it was her last wish to get married to her best friend.
Jose and Jayla met at Children's Medical Center two years back and quickly their friendship grew strong.
They both helped each other with their battle with illness.
"He knows what's going on," said Charla Griggs, Jose's mother.
The sad part is that Jose, the groom will be missing her soon.
At least he will have some good moments to recall and cherish.
A young Girl dying wish "Granted". Nothing wrong with that. Age is irrelevant for wishes and dreams.
This symbolic wedding was a celebration of life and friendship.


  1. Love is truly stronger then anything including atomic bomb....

  2. well... goodluck for the two of them..^^

  3. wow! such a nice real life story

  4. sweet.... how sweet the are... sometimes children will be acting more mature than us and they do not have to worry too much (comparing with us who have some sorts of experience in life) and they can just do whatever they want to..... :)

    sweeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt........ (:

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  6. kesian banget, kecil2 udah kawin

  7. I'm very happy for them but at the same time very sad too :-(

  8. i am very happy for them. Congratulations.

  9. Oh my!!
    What a sweet and lovely real story..
    That's the truthfulness of what they called LOVE..=)
    I love this post..
    Keep on writing friend..
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    I would really appreciate it..
    I'll definitely follow through with your beautiful blog..=)

  10. I hope they will live happily ever after

  11. oh, so sweet.. :)
    i remembered the movie a walk to remember, the story was kinda similar, only they're not that young :)

  12. So is everything

    Sweet post my friend :D

  13. wooww, very nice articles.. amazing! keep writing friend :)

  14. hope they have an everlasting love

  15. hi.... stepping by... waw... suprisingly. is it allowed whereas their age is still young?!