Friday, April 3, 2009

World Filled With Love

Once there was loving couple traveling in a bus in a mountainous area.
They decided to get down at some place.
After the couple got down at some place the bus moved on.
As the bus moved on, a huge rock fell on the bus from the mountain and crushed the bus to crumbs.
Everybody on board was killed.

The couple upon seeing that, said, "We wish we were on that bus" Why do u think they said that?
If they had remained on the bus instead of deciding to get down, the resulting time delay could have been avoided and the rock would have fallen after the bus had passed ...!!!

Always look for opportunities to help others and spread the love.
One day this world would be filled with only love instead of hatred and violence.


  1. nice post friends!! keep write!!

  2. Time really matters. I always connect this incident to the "Benjamin Button" movie. Everything has its purpose...

    I hope you will visit my site and leave some comments too.

    Good day!

  3. love make me feel so bad, but
    love make me feel so good
    so i was confused with love

  4. First up - that's a beautiful painting!

    Secondly - wonderful post. Some would argue it was fate though... and that had they stayed on the bus those other people would still meet their destiny.

    I think I prefer your outlook...

  5. i like to read your post. keep on to write nice post sedona... :)

  6. great post, and I like the picture.. it's full of art, romantic.. :)

  7. Bus in my place will stop at the bus station even there is no passenger wanna go out or in. So the possibility the bus will get hit by the rock is high according to this story. Hehe.. By the way, love is nice..

  8. I like the painting,it's so romantic!