Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fresh Vegetables VS Frozen Vegetables

Fresh vegetables or fruits are limited and expensive during winter in many countries.
This forces many of us to canned or frozen foods, which are better than fresh foods during off-seasonal months.
Even though frozen or canned foods tend to lose a lot of nutrients during the preservation process, these may be even more healthful than some of the fresh produce sold.
This is because they are chosen for freezing process at their peak ripeness, a time when they are most nutrient-packed.
On the other hand, fresh-produce shipped around the country are picked before they are ripe, which gives them less time to develop a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals.
End Result:
During season, buy fresh vegetables or fruits when they are ripe.
During off-season, buy frozen produce marked with standards recommended by the food and drug administration of your country.
In general vegetables in any form is better than no vegetables at all.


  1. Thanks for your idea. This is good one to follow.

  2. thanks for the information. Never know about this one!

  3. I am a big fan of frozen vegetables. They are very close to fresh and often can be used in recipes without even thawing them first. They are very convenient and handy to have around.

  4. very informative :) thanks!

  5. I prefer to have fresh vegetables but if there is not one then frozen vegetables also works well for the sake of easy to get :-)

  6. I prefer fresh vegetables. Frozen are ok if I am in hurry and don't have time to cook. I will just cook it in the microwave.