Sunday, March 8, 2009

Going Out Of Business Sales - Think Twice

Liquidation sales are not always a good deal because they are not designed to help the buyer save money.
"Doors Closing Forever" and "Everything must go" are catchy phrases to scam the consumer by creating a sense of urgency.

So what is going on behind a liquidation sale:
* Companies that are going out of business want to make maximum cash before closing for good.
* They hire liquidation experts, to organize the liquidation.
* Liquidation Company must detail inventory, set prices and discount prices, create warranties, run advertisements and more.
* It is not the store that is running this sale.
* Liquidation companies get in for a fixed amount or on a percentage basis.
Like all deals where middle men are involved, both parties are not going to get a fair deal.

Points To Remember While Buying In Liquidation Sale:
* Always compare the prices before buying, most items would be overpriced and discounted.
* All sales are final, so be sure with your purchase.
* Most items won't have proper warranty.
* Always pay with you credit or debit card. There is chance that your card company might help you in case of any dispute.
* Buy small merchandise and not like Camcorder or a Plasma TV.

Liquidation firms are not in the business of providing customer service to maintain lifelong customers.
They're in the business of selling whatever is left in a store as quickly as possible, at a price as consumers are willing to pay.
Once it's paid for and out the door, they'll likely do whatever it takes to keep merchandise from coming back into the store.


  1. You've seen the "Going out of business" sales, but are you really getting a good deal for your money?

  2. but i should say, agree with * Always compare... above, Experts say before you even walk in the door of the store, you should sit down at a computer and do some comparison shopping.

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