Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life Alert

This post is about a site called www.brickhousealert.com which provides emergency help service to people who are in need for help from any catastrophe outcomes. I came to know about the site when I was in search for a complete protection for my grandpa who is staying alone in my house. I surfed in the net and found out Life Alert which can help my grandpa from any difficulty which can be caused by catastrophe.
Life Alert provides a security system for all time and provides excellent customer service. They provide complete monitoring of home and many benefits like helping in reminders of your birthday dates, calls police if they are any thief or intruder in your house and many more. The alarming system will be setup on your home and you will get all those benefits in no time. You can also view a lot of testimonials written by many of their customers. You can contact them through their toll free number provided in their site. Feel free to visit the site to know more about their service.

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  1. Dear Sedona,
    While we understand that you are hired by brickhousealert.com, but what you are doing is illegal and is a trademark infringement. Life Alert is a registered trademark, and you can not use this name to promote brickhousealert.com.
    Please immediately remove this article with Life Alert name and links from it to brickhousealert.com.