Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good Manners Cost Lives of More Britons

A recent study conducted by Australian economist David Savage found that a lot of Britons would have died because of good manners, while many Americans survived because they were pushy.
Good manners are based on consideration for other people, shows one's character as a civilized behavior.
Sometimes you opt for not using it to save some life by frightening the passing vehicle to stop for help.
The study definitely raised a valid question of wise use of good manners for others and us.
What do you think huh..?


  1. I think everybody die because of good manner..

  2. Good manners, is not cause to died. For me doing good thing still have the limit. If we think we can help, why not we help. Even we have good manner we still feel scary to help right.. hehe that is what i think

  3. Thanks for the change :)
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  5. doing good things have no limit even when it means your life