Sunday, January 18, 2009

Circuit City Is Closed

Circuit city, one of the largest retailer in the consumer electronics was severely hit by the recession and decided to
close all its store in United States last Friday, January 16th 2009.
This would cost another 34,000 to lose their job in this bad economy.
It is very bad to hear this retailer giant closing its operations in all locations.
Today, I just went to their website and learned that their home page has turned into
nothing but a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, to answer questions about the warranty purchased or about the future of the company.
A great saga of more than 50 years in consumer electronics has come to an end :-(


  1. this is really sad. but you know what, in the sunday paper today cc still has a flyer on it. i wonder if that was ordered before the decision to close down.

  2. hello...visiting your blog from my blog. :p

  3. Thanks for adding me to your blog...please can you write "el negro en tanga" instead of SKA? Thanks again. I have also added you. Salu2!!!

  4. what a sad story..hopefully Obama could make a change.. a better life..

  5. hi,
    this sad story also happen in Indonesia.
    many factories had closed and thousand of people had lose their job.

  6. so sad...
    but Every cloud has a silver lining..

  7. that's too bad about the employees....

    though it didn't surprise me that they went out of business