Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fast and Flawless Rescue Prevents Serious Disaster

The quick and perfect rescue operation prevented a major mishap, when US Airways Flight 1549 landed into Hudson river, New York with 155 passengers on January 15th 2009.
All praises goes to the rescue members next to the pilot Mr. Sullenberger 57, who is with US Airways since 1980.
His effort to save the passengers and other crew members would have gone pointless if the rescue operation failed to do its part.
Everything was in favor of the passengers right from the flight take off except the bird strike.
  • It happened within 3 minutes from the take off.
  • Pilot had the option of landing the flight on Hudson river.
  • Even though both engines failed, hydraulic powers didn't failed which helped in safe landing instead of just dropping like a rock on the earth.
  • The baggage compartment had the pressure which helped the flight to float.
  • Commercial ferries arrived immediately.
Today not only those 155 passengers were lucky but also their families, friends and rest of the world.


  1. when was this?? nice job to the rescuers and to all the crews and the pilot as well! the picture is interesting! :]

    have a great day! :]

  2. Nice picture you got there..