Friday, May 6, 2011

Caffeine Overdose

I know most of us take Energy Drinks to be wide awake during a long night drive OR to stay late at night for fun.
We do this because they promote their products saying it provides increased strength and ability to stay up all night by using the products.
What they are not disclosing is the potential consequences of the caffeine overdose that can lead upto death.
Researchers at Wake Forest University of Medicine found that the combination of caffeine and alcohol sends mixed signals to the nervous system,
causing the effect of a "wide awake drunk".
400 milligrams a day is the upper limit for caffeine intake to avoid overdose.
Track your intake of caffeine and Enery Drink and never try the below ones.

  • Having energy beverages while exercising can lead to severe dehydration.
  • Do not use these drinks with alcohol.

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