Friday, April 1, 2011

Cypriot Holiday

I am just back from a great two weeklong holidaying in Kyrenia, absolutely revitalized. The most delighting thing was the unbelievable holiday accommodation, which we hunted down with the help of this site. This site takes a number of inputs like rates, ambience, sleeps and even bathrooms to help you settle down for the most alluring villa holidays.

Kyrenia with its mild climate and stunning beaches makes the impeccable Mediterranean town. Apart from these natural attractions Kyrenia’s 6000-year-old history has bestowed the place with some of the greatest architectural marvels like Antiphonitis Monastery, Bellapais Abbey, Buffavento Castle, and St. Hillarion Castle. There are a number of sites or guides, which help you with Kyrenia things to do. At Kyrenia you could opt for a drive to the castles on the hills or a stroll along the exotic beaches or spend a laid back day at the harbor boats. Not to miss on the list are the Turkish coffee, picnics, wild flowers, bird watching, water sports and turtle visits.

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