Friday, September 4, 2009

Alternate Medical school

My uncle and my aunt visited our newly bought house at Hawaii. They came together with their daughter called Nancy. She finished her schooling and got a good grade. My uncle wanted her to join college for engineering since he is software professional. But her interest is in research work of medicine. She says that her interest is to work in medicine and cure people disease. My uncle asked me whether it is better to join her for medical studies and I felt that if her interest is doing medical science then let her go on her way. My uncle also asked me to suggest some good and interesting medical studies where she can find her interest and put her effort on to the society. I thought of helping her and surfed in the net in search for medical colleges. I found out many sites and colleges with different medical stream. But among all I was impressed with the site called which is about Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine an alternative medicine school, located in Arizona State. This naturopathic college provides courses and study for naturopathy. You can also apply application through online and view the list of all courses and academics they have through this site. I suggested this site to my uncle since I thought it will help my cousin. After a couple of days Nancy thanked me for suggesting this site since it helped her to decide her career for Naturopathic medicine. I am very happy for Nancy.

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